Below are an array of videos made by or on behalf of Sullivan students and the Friends of Sullivan.

THIS 12 MINUTE VIDEO details thirteen members of one family's 3400 mile journey from Colombia to Chicago - related by 17 year old Sarai, a student of Sullivan High School.

Nine middle schools and over 100 students participated in the day long tournament - one which every participating team played at least two games. Between games, students enjoyed lunch and a learning & motivational program where educators and two Sullivan High School basketball players spoke with the kids about Dr. King’s legacy, “what it takes” to be a successful high school athlete, and what it takes to succeed in life.

Sponsors for teams are listed in Vimeo slideshow link above:

TED Talk Features Former Sullivan High School Principal and “Refugee High". For nine years, Principal Chad Thomas lead the resurgence of Roger C. Sullivan High School.


Hear Michael Zink, a local lawyer whose wife is a descendant of Roger C. Sullivan, offer a fascinating over view of the incredible life and contributions of our high school's famous nameske, Roger C. Sullivan (1:08:58)

Student Prepared video promoting library restoration project (2019)

Video created by sophomore Elijah Crockett and freshman Mohammad Nour Al Baradan in Sullivan's Digital Media Lab.

An amazing student made video (2019), Senior music students who formed a rock & roll band use video to explain why music education is so important to them.(2:53)

Our INCREDIBLE Music Program hosted The Big Rock Show last year. Hear Sullivan High School Music Department students and students from around the city talk about the importance of music education. This short documentary was produced in Sullivan's Digital Media Lab.

Recap video of the Chicago Public Schools Rock Show at Subterranean! (2019) Sullivan rock & roll students showcase their considerable talent at a downtown Chicago music venue. (1:18)

Event organized by Sullivan High School Music Department's Julian Hernandez. Video created in Sullivan's Digital Media Lab by Armani Armstrong-White. Support Sullivan by LIKING Friends of Sullivan at

Third Annual Sullivan Martin Luther King Day Middle School Boy’s Basketball tournament proved to offer local 7th and 8th grade boys more than simply  “something exciting to do” on their day off - the one day tournament offered educational “King’s Day” learning moments and a chance to interact with Sullivan basketball players, helping convince the young men to soon attend Sullivan as their local high school of choice. (1:49) (2020)

Many 7th and 8th grade Rogers Park boys had an eventful day on Monday, January 21st, Martin Luther King Day, as Sullivan High School, Friends of Sullivan and the Chicago Park District co-hosted Sullivan High School’s First Middle School Invitational Basketball Tournament. With Sullivan’s gym in the midst of remodeling, Willye B. White Field House at 1610 W. Howard hosted the competition, fielding four local schools: Joyce Kilmer Elementary School, Gale Community Academy, Jordon Elementary Community School and Cruz Acero School.

First round games pitted Kilmer against Acero and Jordan against Gale, with Kilmer and Gale prevailing. In the consolation game, Jordan defeated Acero, leaving the championship game pitting Gale against Kilmer. In the hard fought game, Kilmer prevailed, 49 - 38, resulting with them winning the coveted title as champion of the First Sullivan Rogers Park Middle School Invitational.

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